About C. Lewis Tomaselli Architecture Firm

C. Lewis Tomaselli Architects is a recognized Architectural Firm providing architectural and engineering services in the Central New York Region for more than 45 years. Chuck Tomaselli is the Principal Architect of C. Lewis Tomaselli Architects, which he founded after leaving the partnership off Stetson, Armstrong, Reeves, and Tomaselli in 1973. C. Lewis Tomaselli Architects’ base of operation is in the heart of Utica’s historic district, giving us a centralized location for projects throughout the New York State while demonstrating our commitment to the City of Utica as a base of business.

While C. Lewis Tomaselli Architects prides itself on being a “traditional” architect’s office in its approach to its work, our firm utilizes state of the art drawing software and word processing packages for all of our projects. All personnel, including Mr. Tomaselli, are computer literate as well as highly trained in manual graphic skills. The knowledgeable use of the appropriate documentation technology allows for innovative and expeditious design solutions and project communications.

C. Lewis Tomaselli Architects is very proud of the fact that through the years we have been involved in a wide range of projects from multi-million dollar industrial office, education and residential projects to small private commercial buildings and private residences. Obtaining experience in these various fields has allowed our Firm to broaden its’ base and create a diverse clientele. CLT Architects is proud of the part we have played in bringing this historic and rich architectural area back to a safe and productive community.

In order to follow through on our commitment to provide our clients professional and cost effective services, CLT Architects has developed ongoing relationships with associated individuals and firms in the Central New York area to augment our own in house staff resources providing an extensive range of services, including Civil and Structural Engineering, Interior Design and Landscape Design, all under the license and insurance umbrella of C. Lewis Tomaselli Architects and our local office.