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The team at C. Lewis Tomaselli Architects will work on your behalf to provide you with comprehensive and complete construction documents with full programming development to satisfy your particular project needs.

We will work with you and your contractor to control the cost of your project.
with a focus on project scheduling to insure your new home, addition, garage and everything in-between is completed by your desired target date.

CLT Architects has long worked to provide responsible and environmentally sensitive projects for both the community and the surrounding environment

CLT Architects is organized and committed to providing a “traditional practice of architecture” with single source authority and responsibility for each of its clients by focusing on principal management and personal attention to all projects by Chuck Tomaselli from the first contact with the client through project completion.

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    CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS – Fully coordinated and thoroughly detailed contract drawings and specifications assure the fulfillment of design concepts and aid contractors in bidding realistically without cost contingencies to cover undefined project components. Building component details are resolved on the drawing board, not at the building site where labor and material costs can quickly exceed budgets, and the disarray and urgency of the construction process hinders clear and creative thinking and problem solving.

    COST CONTROL – The essential design element in all CLT projects is our client’s budget. Making it “all” work out within your cost constraints is a foremost commitment and priority. To that end, all design and material selection decisions are made with the “cost factor” in mind and three complete detailed cost estimates are provided as part of our basic service on all projects. This commitment to control and monitor project costs, develops client projects that can be built as designed once actual construction bids are received.

    PROJECT SCHEDULING – To insure building completion by the desired date, CLT programs work in small increments with specific target dates. From the client programming conferences through the intricacies of preparation of construction documents to the occupancy of the completed building; target dates are monitored and adjusted to assure timely completion.

    ENVIRONMENTAL SENSITIVITY – Buildings are long-term members of a community and as such have the responsibility to be good neighbors by being aware of and sensitive to the surrounding environment. CLT Architects is committed to designs that focus on sustainable Green construction.

    PRINCIPAL MANAGEMENT – Personal attention is provided to all projects by Chuck Tomaselli from the first contact with the client through on-site supervision of construction. Continuity of management by one individual principal in organizing the skills of the other staff members makes it possible to build quality buildings within budget and to get them done on time.

    PROGRAMMING DEVELOPMENT – Client needs that a building must fulfill are set down and analyzed in advance of any design work. Priorities are established so that a building’s most important functions are given prime attention, while other desirable, but less essential program elements are balanced to assure overall project success and feasibility.

    BUILDING COMPONENTS – Imaginative design and building materials palette selection makes it possible to satisfy both practical and aesthetic considerations within tight budget limits. Materials are selected for the job they are to perform. The proper combination of high quality and inexpensive materials and construction techniques results in building appearance and performance tailored to meet client requirements and desires.

    Some of our most notable projects include single family, multi-unit, and mixed use/commercial designs. Contact us today to find out how we can make your dream project a reality.